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Stop playing these mind tricks. What is XWING MC?

Founded in 2014 by MrHappeh and B_Owens, now owned by Movion and renamed to XWING MC: It is a towny server based in the Star Wars universe, offering things like missions, custom weapons, ranks, vehicles and more! You can create a nation and rule the galaxy, or maybe set up giant farms and become a millionaire! On XWING MC, you choose your destiny. What are you waiting for? Fire up your hyperdrive and join us!

Which path will you take? Will you embrace the light, be drawn to the dark side, or be enticed by the sight of money and be captivated to join the bounty hunters?



Custom guns and sabers are at your availability. These weapons help you fight through the ranks and rule the galaxy with an iron fist. As you rank up, you gain access to more weapons and more missions. Missions are essential for gaining parts to craft weapons.

Force Powers

Forcepowers are part of the XWING MC experience. Both jedi and sith get their own different forcepowers which they can use alongside their lightsabers to help them in battle. As you rank up, you unlock access to more and more forcepowers which are more powerful than the ones before them.


Different planets with missions are available. Missions give rewards like money or trophies, or give items that are essential for gameplay such as crafting items for sabers and guns. Different planets also offer resources or a place to build up a nation and empire.


Ranks are an essential part of XWING MC. As a player gains money, they are able to rank up through their respective tree (bounty, jedi, sith) and unlock new permissions like access to different worlds and weapons. Ranks also unlock other permissions like the ability to nickname yourself or use different saber and gun types.